Lehigh expands facility and goes wireless

Lehigh-Armstrong Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of a 10,000 square foot addition to their Billerica, MA facility. The company's growth not only required an addition to the building, but a new software platform. A growing customer base, additional inventory, and rapidly changing business environment meant their old system was nearing the end of its usefulness. Company President Mel Dalaklis and his sons, Steve (General Manager), and Mark (Operations Manager), started searching for the right software vendor to fit their needs. According to Steve, "Deciding to expand the building was the easy part; changing the way we run our business proved much more difficult."

Any data transfer or software transition can be traumatic, but changing the way you run all facets of your business proved especially worrisome. "We said to ourselves, 'We never want to do this again. Who will be our best partner for the future?'" After a long, comprehensive search, Lehigh chose Activant's Prophet 21 distribution software.

According to Mark, "Our business is inventory control and managing our customers' inventory at our facilities as well as theirs. Prophet 21's Wireless Warehouse and Vendor Managed Inventory technology allowed much more flexibility than our previous system. With our expanded warehouse, we needed to know exactly where an item was located in stock, and more importantly which specific lots of that item are needed."

P21 directs the "picker" via a wireless scanner to the appropriate warehouse bins in a logical sequence. This eliminated the redundancy of passing the same location twice, potentially picking the wrong item or wrong lot, and according to Mark, "showed dramatic and immediate improvements in warehouse efficiency."

"We are pretty confident that Lehigh-Armstrong is New England's first full-line fastener distributor utilizing P21's Wireless Warehouse to it's full capabilities," said Steve. "As with many things, timing is everything. We were able to make these dramatic changes during challenging times. These moves have helped to make us a better company, serve our customers better, and position us favorably for the future."

A family owned business since 1972, Lehigh-Armstrong is a full-line fastener and electronic hardware distributor serving aerospace, defense, home entertainment, construction, medical, semi-conductor, electronics industries and more. Specialized services include warehouse management, vendor managed inventory, kitting, custom bagging, assembly, packaging, importing, and custom bar coding. The company serves clients throughout New England as well as Canada, Mexico and Europe, and has stocking locatoins country wide

For more information, a quote, or a facilities tour, please contact Lehigh-Armstrong Inc, 202 Boston Road, Billerica, MA 01862; toll-free 800-225-1396; e-mail or visit them on the web at www.lehigh-armstrong.com.

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